School Bus Tracker


A Smart Solution For Safe Transit Of Students

Peace Of Mind

For Parents

  • Real-time bus tracking
  • Driver and transport coordinator contact information
  • Distance from and time to reach pickup/drop-off location
  • Current boarding status of the ward i.e. whether the ward is currently on the bus or not
  • Receive app alerts for emergencies, delays, and events

For Schools

  • Automate and optimize transport management process workflow
  • Ensure operational smoothness and security
  • Optimize operational cost by reducing staffing/logistics overhead
  • Provide a highly valuable and desirable service to parents, adding to the school’s brand value

For Drivers

  • No more calls from parents enquiring about the bus location and ETA
  • Call parents or transport coordinator from within the app
  • Broadcast message to all parents in case of an emergencies, breakdowns or delays
  • Consolidated view of all the students on a particular route

How It Works

App For Parents

  • Sign-in with Google
  • See the list of subscribed routes
  • Subscribe to a new route using a security code provided by us
  • Track the bus on a map
  • See the current trip status
  • See the boarding status of the ward
  • Set pickup/drop-off points and see distance and ETA from current location of the bus
  • Call bus helper/conductor or transport coordinator from within the app
  • Receive emergency alerts and delay notifications
  • Receive boarding status updates

App For Drivers

  • Sign-in with Google or Username/Password
  • Start and stop the trip. Parents will be able to locate the bus on map as soon as the driver starts the trip.
  • Update the boarding status of students
  • Broadcast messages to all parents with a single click, e.g. the bus is stuck in a traffic jam, etc.
  • Select from a list of template messages to broadcast
  • Selectively broadcast notifications to parents of boarded or yet-to-be-boarded students
  • See student information with pickup and drop-off schedule/location on the map

Dashboard For Schools

  • Consolidated fleet management
  • Real-time bus tracking
  • Coordinate with parents/bus drivers from within the app
  • Broadcast notifications to all the parents
  • Ensure operational smoothness and security
  • Current boarding status
  • Minimize manual errors by transport staff
  • Emergency/speeding alerts
  • Delay notifications

Instant Notifications

Receive app alerts for emergencies, delays, and events like:

  • The ward boards the bus
  • The ward gets off the bus
  • The bus is about to reach the pick-up or drop-off point in “X” minutes, where X is user-configurable
  • The bus is “Y” miles/km away from the pick-up or drop-off point where Y is user-configurable
  • The bus has broken down or is running late


Apps For Everyone

Mobile apps for parents and drivers, and web app for school coordinators.

Web App for Coordinators

Monitor and track school bus routes and fleet in real-time.

Highly Secure

Access to school bus routes and current location is tightly monitored and controlled.

No Extra Hardware

No additional hardware is required besides GPS-enabled phones.

No Infrastructure

No additional servers or infrastructure is required.

24/7 Online Support

The AppsKraft support team is online and monitoring system metrics and customer tickets 24/7.

App Screenshots