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Berklee graduate and professional musician Gerry Diamond has developed and used the Diamond Piano Method successfully for the last two decades with scores of teaching colleagues and thousands of students.

With over two thousand students served and well over 150,000 practice minutes logged since its release in 2018, AppsKraft's Real-Time Tutor is a one-of-a-kind, online, cloud-native MIDI-based assessment and education platform that marries Gerry's comprehensive methodology with the power of technology.

The platform records student performances in real-time and evaluates them against preloaded songs and exercises. It provides students with precise and detailed feedback about correctly played notes and chords, and any mistakes they might have made, making for rapid improvement in skill and understanding.

In addition, the platform also records and reports scores and other statistics that allow their music journey to be systematized, yet also individualized in order to maximize engagement and learning.

Students can put their learning into practice effectively and immediately using the platform's music composition section, which encourages them to compose and record music at each level of their progress through the curriculum.

Finally, the Real-Time Tutor features a comprehensive library of popular and classical music that students can practice against, as well as numerous exercises that "gamify" music theory and allow them to hone and sharpen their music skills while also having tons of fun.








Making Better Musicians


  • Real-time MIDI recording and evaluation of 37 carefully graded music levels with original/curated music and lyrics
  • Know Thy Notes mode to practice song notes before practicing/testing in time
  • Ear training exercises to hone listening skills and transposition exercises to strengthen understanding of all major and minor keys
  • Lead sheet exercises to practice chord improvisation
  • Support for practicing measures and measure ranges with different tempos
  • Support for practicing melody and harmony separately, or hands together
  • Play-along mode (with looping) if a MIDI-enabled keyboard is not available


  • Detailed audio-visual feedback for correctness/timing of recorded notes
  • Adjustable tempo to slow down playback
  • Measure-by-measure playback and feedback accompanied by reference song
  • Differentiation between incorrect, missed, overly long, and overly short notes
  • Selection of melody only, harmony only, or both for reference song accompaniment
  • Damper pedal indicator for reference and recorded songs
  • Hear My Best mode to revisit best performance for each song


  • Music composition exercises using original accompaniments for each level
  • Gradual introduction of advanced music theory across levels
  • Switch between piano and synthesizer for playback of composition
  • Record and combine two performances into a larger composition
  • Playback and share composition with friends and family


  • Carefully curated classical and jazz songs for elementary, beginner, intermediate, and advanced students
  • Support for all assessment and feedback features:
    • Know Thy Notes
    • Hear My Best
    • Play-along
    • Practice measures and measure ranges with different tempos


  • Guess The Measure: Listen to a sound clip and guess the right measure
  • Rhythm Ruler: Listen to a set of rhythms and rearrange measures in the right order
  • Melody Matcher: Listen to a set of melodies and rearrange measures in the right order
  • Beat Buster: Read a line of music and reproduce the rhythm timed to a metronome click
  • Note Hunter (Touch Mode): Follow the notes displayed on the screen and tap the right key on the virtual keyboard
  • Note Hunter (Piano Mode): Follow the notes displayed on the screen and press the right key on a MIDI-enabled keyboard


  • Practice time and high score for each song
  • Overall and monthly average high score
  • Overall and monthly minutes practiced
  • List of 10 most recent activities


  • Extensive library of piano-only and full-orchestration song videos
  • Library of how-to and troubleshooting videos